Bobby Jones
Golf Achievements

18 of Bobby Jones' U.S. Amateur Records Still Stand

Bobby Jones was the outstanding performer in the U.S. Amateur Championship when it was conducted at match play, and still holds these records:

1. The most titles: five won in 1924-25-27-28-30

2. The most frequent finalist: seven times, in 1919-24-25-26-27-28-30

3. The most frequent finalist in successive years: five in 1924-1928

4. The youngest quarter-finalist: he was only 14 at Merion in 1916

5. The most frequent medalist: six times in 1920-23-26-27-29-30 (record shared with Walter J. Travis)

6. The lowest 18-hole score in qualifying rounds at the championship proper: 67 at Minidahda in 1927 (D. Clarke Corkan set the original record at Merion in 1924, W.B. "Duff" McCullaugh tied it at Winged Foot in 1940, Skip Alexander at Omaha Field Club in 1941, and Skee Reigel at Baltusrol in 1946.)

7. He never failed to qualify for the chamionship, either sectionally or at the championship proper.

8. He won the highest percentage of matches: .843 (W 43, L 8)

9. He won his 43 matches by an average margin of 6.1 holes.

10. All eight of his defeats were at the hands of national champions.

11. He won the most scheduled 36-hole matches: 35.

12. He won his scheduled 36-hole matches by an average margin of 7 holes.

13. He won the most double-figure victories: eight (career)

14. He won the most double-figure victories in succession: three at Brae Burn in 1928.

15. He won the most double-figure victories in one chamionship: three at Brae Burn in 1928.

16. He achieved the most decisive victory in a scheduled 36-hole match: 14 and 13 over John B. Beck at Brae Burn in 1928. (He shares this record wth Jerome D. Travers, who set the original record at the Country Club of Detroit in 1915.)

17. He was the most holes up on opponents in one championship: 42 at Brae Burn in 1928. (In five matches, he had to play only 108 of a possible 144 holes.)

18. He was 32 up on four opponents in Oakmont in 1925, playing only 116 of a possible 144 holes.


U.S. Open Records Still Held by Bobby Jones

Most victories - Four. (He shares this with Willie Anderson and Ben Hogan.)

Most Frequent Pacesetter at 54 holes - Six, in 1922 (tie), 1923, 1924 (tie), 1928, 1929, 1930.

Most Playoffs in which a participant - Four, in 1923-25-29-29.

Most Playoffs won - Two, in 1923 and 1929. (He shares this with Anderson.)

Most Playoff Rounds Played - Seven.

Most Decisive Playoff Viictory - 23 strokes in 1929. He shot 72 - 69 - 141 to 84-80-164 for Al Espinosa, a difference of more than half a stroke per hole.


Highlights of the 1930 Grand Slam

The four triumphs comprising the Grand Slam required 20 calendar days spread over four months, meaning that Jones had to bring his game to a peak four different times.

The feat required 475 holes - 152 in the U.S. Amateur, 143 in the British Amateur, 108 in the British Open, and 72 in thhe U.S. Open. He played 36 holes or was scheduled to play 36 on 10 of the 20 days - half the time.

For his 12 rounds at stroke-play (four in each Open, two in qualifying for the British Amateur, and two in qualifying for the U.S. Amateur), Jones averaged 72.5 strokes.

Jones won 13 matches in the two Amateur Championships. He was 32 up over nine opponents in scheduled 18-hole matches, an average margin of three and a half holes, and 30 up on four opponents in scheduled 36-hole matches, an average of seven and a half holes.